Champion Plumbing offers 4 easy tips to identify and prevent hidden leaks before the holidays

“Hidden leaks can become major issues when it comes to plumbing,” said Brent Harpole, co-owner of Champion Plumbing. “When you combine leaks with the holiday season, the result can be extremely inconvenient, costly and time-consuming. The last thing you want during the holidays is an unexpected plumbing breakdown that requires an unavoidable fix.”

Harpole and the Champion Plumbing team offer the following tips to prepare for the holidays:

  1. Visually inspect your home. Check your walls, ceilings and floors. Major signs that you may have a leak include discolored areas, damaged wallpaper or paint and warped or cracked flooring. Mold and mildew growth should be addressed immediately, both for safety and to prevent additional damage due to a leak.  
  2. Check all fixtures. Take a few minutes to inspect all water access points, including outdoor spigots. Make sure your sink and shower faucets, shower heads and toilets are all functioning properly, and there is no water seeping from underneath or behind the fixtures.
  3. Follow your nose. Do you occasionally smell a hint of mustiness? What about a constant smell located in a particular area of your home? This could signal you have a leak somewhere. Water damage can produce a stale or rotten smell, usually present in damp, dark areas without access to airflow or sunlight.
  4. Check your water meter. Shut off all water in your home. If your water meter indicates water is still flowing, there is a good chance you have a leak somewhere. If you determine there must be a leak but can’t find it, contact a professional plumber to make a visit. The experts can help you find the leak and develop a plan of action to fix it.  

“If you plan on having extra visitors in your home, it’s best to find leaks now before guests arrive,” Harpole said. “The extra strain on plumbing due to more usage can potentially make a small leak grow into a large one that may cause a lot of damage and headaches for a homeowner during a time meant for celebration.”

Homeowners should consider contacting a licensed professional to confirm hidden leaks and determine what steps should be taken to prevent future leaks.

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