A Detailed Guide About the Solar Water Heaters by Oahu Plumbing

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When you are planning to install a solar light, the Oahu plumbing services can significantly help you in this regard. It is always better to know the solar water heater properly before installing it. Thus, you can have clear ideas about the water heater. A total of 18% of your home’s energy is used to heat water. It is a good option for you to use the solar water heater, which will reduce the energy rate and the cost of your utility bill. Let’s hear about the benefits of your solar water heater now.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

Among other benefits, the solar water heater is affordable and available for complete use. Let’s know about the types of solar water heaters.

Kinds of Solar Water Heaters

There are two available kinds of solar water heaters. You will get different advantages from both of them:

Active Systems

Active solar water heaters have two other forms. With the automatic controller, there is the direct circulation systems pump. It supplies water all over the house according to requirements. The automatic controller can detect sunlight when it is available. But if the temperature comes below freezing, it can affect the system. The other form is the indirect circulation system. It heats water through pumping. The heat can transfer liquids that are not affected by the cold. These water heaters can work in icy weather. But they are more costly than the direct circulation systems.

Passive Systems

The passive system also has two kinds of water heaters. One is the integral collector-storage system. It has got a storage tank, pipe, and a solar unit. In addition, the pipe can pump cold water, which goes into the collector. But it does not work at night. It is functional during the day only. When it is cold outside, it does not work there. The thermosyphon system can function based on the idea that the warm water will rise, and the cold water will sink. The warm water increases within the storage tank, which stays in the collector. It is a dependable configuration. The weight of the storage tank is heavy, and it is costly too.

The other advantages you will get from the solar water heaters are:

Size Variation

The size depends on the family members you have in your house. The volume of the storage is the first thing you have to take into consideration. Depending on the storage, it will fulfill your demand for hot water. For three people, you will need a 50- to 60-gallon storage tank; for four, you will need an 80-gallon tank. If you have more people, you will need a bigger tank.

Consume A Little Space

The solar water heater will take very little space. Their solar thermal panels need a small amount of space compared to photovoltaic panels. Whatever space they consume provides enough power to produce hot water for a family.


The solar water heater is more cost-effective than the ones you install at home. In addition, you are getting chances to reduce the energy bill for gas or electric water heater system.

Higher Capability 

The solar water heater consumes 80% of the radiation from the sun. You get the hot water you want by converting the radiation into heat energy.

Low Carbon Creation 

There is no carbon emission from this system after installing it. So, the environment of your home is always safe when using the solar water heater.

Maintenance And Durability 

You have to do very little maintenance after installing the solar water heater. The durability of a solar water heater can be up to 20 years.

Proper Installation Provides You the Best Service 

You can use your solar water heater without any disturbance if only the installation is done perfectly. Thus, you will feel no disadvantages too. Before installing it, the installer should inspect once whether the roof can hold the panels for enough support. The shading also needs to be checked as it can affect the water heater’s capability.

Here we need the optimal configuration to combine the water heating elements with the photovoltaic systems. Thus, the electricity works to increase the heating efficiency. Before leaving, ask your installer once whether they have inspected everything in detail after the installation.

Final Thoughts

Along with the benefits, there are some shortcomings of the solar water heater too. The plumber Oahu www.honoluluplumbing.co can tell you in detail about them. Cutting expenses and using natural resources is a very beneficial fact for us. We should take the chance to the fullest!